Podcasts (Episode 1)

Here are the three podcasts I’m glued to at the moment, and I’m on the lookout for more. I love knitting to a podcast, because I still have to look at my knitting. (My mind is blown every time I see knitters who don’t look.)

1) I like knitting and fiber related podcasts. I know some people who don’t like to listen to knitting while knitting. Maybe they’ve found the middle way.  2) I want to discover things. There are podcasts that share ideas with the assumption that the listener is learning something new, and there are others that share experiences with the assumption that the listener already understands. At the moment I prefer the former.  3) I like personal accounts too.

Whatever your podcast style is, I’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments. 🙂


Blasta is a fun and interesting podcast from Dearbhla and Claire about the Irish craft scene. You will find recorded conversations with individuals who have a variety of connections to the fiber arts in Ireland. I absolutely adore this podcast. It has a very home grown feel to it, and I have a lot of respect for the scope of content they deliver. I particularly enjoyed the “Crafters Without Borders” episode.

I didn’t realize this until I was listening to Blasta, but I had some implicit idea that the British Isles constituted the knitting and fiber capital of the world. I think I can blame Fair Isle and Aran sweaters for that. At any rate, I’m much happier to replace that made-up notion with some actual understanding. Additionally, listening to Blasta inspired me to get over my reticence for joining a knit night. I’m glad I did, and I’ll have to make sure I get back into the habit after the winter holidays pass.


I’ve just started listening to knit.fm and I’m really excited to have found it. Pam Allen and Hannah Fettig discuss the ins and outs of various knitting skills – exactly what I was looking for! They’ve chosen an organic conversation style for the presentation, which gives a view into how connected these skills are. Like a good book, I bet a second or third listening after time has passed will bring a new set of insights.

I started listening when I was about 90% of the way through knitting my first sweater, which I finished a matter of days ago. Part of me wishes I had listened to the sweater construction and yarn episodes before beginning this crazy project of mine, and yet, I think I might end up learning more from making a few mistakes first. (You win either way.) I can’t wait to take their advice and build up some skills while knitting baby sweaters for friends.


I came across knit.fm by listening to the 26th episode of Woolful. I found Woolful by seeing the podcast mentioned on Instagram from a designer I was following. Word of ‘mouth’ is an amazing thing. Woolful is a podcast from Ashley Yousling offering an impressive amount of information about our fiber industry and craft through personal accounts from those who have built fiber into their lives.

I don’t think anyone can listen to Woolful regularly without gaining a greater respect for wool. When I started knitting I knew there were different weights and types of yarn, but I didn’t have a sense of the differences that exist within wool itself. I didn’t know where wool was coming from, why it was so magical, or what it went through to get into my hands in the yarn shop. By listening to Woolful the medium itself has become much more personal. I’m looking forward to knitting with some woolly wool to see how different the experience can be.

The Photo

For this post I snapped a photo of some stash yarns that have also been mentioned in the above podcasts. Included are yarns from S Twist Wool, Sincere Sheep, and The Fiber Company.


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