Update – A birthday gift and another podcast to listen to

Try as I might I’m not managing to carve out much time for fiber. Work is just going to dominate things this semester, but I’m looking forward to some quality time this summer.

I acquired some new fiber last week when I was picking up a birthday gift for a friend. My friend spent some time in the past studying textiles, so I wasn’t completely insane in thinking of getting her a spindle, but I know she doesn’t have an interest in knitting. I was only mostly insane. I’m just convinced that anyone who is at least remotely interested in fiber will love spinning – so I got her a drop spindle and some fiber. Just for the sake of having something to do with the product of her spinning, I also got her a small hand loom. I have found spinning to be really grounding, and that’s ultimately what I wanted to gift. Fortunately she liked it.

I got all this at A Verb for Keeping Warm, and I fell in love with some blue and copper multicolored merino they had. I couldn’t wait to see how it looked, so I started it on my drop spindle this afternoon. I don’t think I have an official fiber queue set up, but I’m sure my other fiber feels like this just cut in line. It’s very subtle, more-so than I expected, but it’s just enough color change to compel me to keep spinning and winding on. I really like the deep teal that comes out of the visual color averaging. There’s absolutely no plan for this, and I only grabbed two ounces.

20160426_191417_001.jpgBeing that I feel so busy I’ve tried to keep things very bite sized, which is and isn’t a good plan. It reminds me of my time spent playing flash video games in school. I didn’t believe I had time for recreational reading but flash video games are something that can be done with low commitment. Low commitment doesn’t mean it’s going to take up less time, but it does mean it will be less satisfying. Instagram is my new low commitment indulgence. Well, I’m not on Instagram right now. I am writing a post on my blog! (however haphazard it may be)

I’ve also snuck in a little work on my red/grey spinning experiment. I chain plied that, which was not trivial. I still have to soak and knit it to see how it turned out. My newest podcast binge is Morning on the Dock, which occupies my car ride to and from work. I’m in a place where I dig the philosophical/emotional/creative blend. I’m due for a recharge.