Missing in Action

So I started a blog, and then I dropped off the face for a little bit. I think it’s time to get back to it.

I’ve been up to a few things over the past 6 months. The summer was spent trying to plan as much of my wedding as possible before the school year started (I’m getting married in January). I didn’t figure it would be a cake walk to plan a wedding, and I’m even trying to keep a lot of expectations low, but the level of mental effort needed for this is impressive. Now that I’m in the middle of teaching, I look around and see the projects I wanted to take care of over the summer and I think, “What did I do all summer? I have nothing to show for it!” As it turns out, I do have a bit to show for it, because I’ve spent almost no time thinking about my wedding since September. I don’t think it’s crashing to a halt yet.

One thing I wanted to do over the summer (and didn’t) was work through the Basics course from TKGA. I’m glad I signed up for that course and I hope I get through it sooner than later. I finished the first part, and that was a positive experience overall. When you become intentional about a detail in knitting it can turn frustrating, but I think the benefits will be worth it, and the feedback from the instructor was encouraging. So that will give me intention and feedback on technique, but I also believe I need to knit A LOT more to gain some consistency. Just make things.

img_20160706_100318.jpgI did make a sweater for a friend’s baby. It was like eating soup with a fork, but it was cute! I chose a sweater pattern that is knit in the round, but then decided to do intarsia on the sleeves. Intarsia doesn’t blend well with knitting in the round. It’s much better suited to knitting flat, so I should have picked a different pattern, or not done the color change. I carried on in spite of my better judgement. I also knit most of the way through a kit I got at Stitches. That is Avana by Annie Claire with Savannah yarn from The Fiber Company. It’s soft yarn, but it sheds. I was working on this while flying to visit my mom. So I was winding a ball while sitting in the window seat. A business man was in the aisle seat and had folded up his suit jacket to sit in the empty seat between us. So I’m winding away and I see some fuzzes wafting gently through the air. I stop for a moment and contemplate the situation. Eh, go ahead and wind. Fuzzy, fuzzy, suit jacket, fuzzy, suit jacket… Agh! Just read your book. 😐

img_20161008_164112.jpgI’ve been most obsessive with spinning. I forget how that developed. Let me check instagram… Huh, I guess I just liked it since I figured out how to do it and it slowly took over. Right now I’m fascinated with color mixing. I bought some top that had a multi color blend and it turned out a lot like combination drafting. I really like the subtlety and complexity of the resulting color. I decided to combination draft Reflections on Mirror Lake from Three Water’s Farm to make a gradual shift in color balance. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I need to knit it up to see how it looks.

So the thing about hand spinning from dyed braids is, if you haven’t noticed yet, the resulting yarn makes stripes. When you knit, those stripes are horizontal, and I’m not a big fan of horizontal stripes. But I am a big fan of spinning and knitting, so I’m always on this quest to mitigate the horizontal stripes. I could knit solid colors, but I’d have to resist the urge to add an accent somewhere. I always want to add another color.

img_20161015_082022.jpgRight now I’m stealing time here and there to spin my Oyster colorway from Classy Squid. I think I’m approaching it as a fractal spin, or fractal like. It will stripe, but I think it will have moments of high contrast barber pole mixed with solid gray, white and black areas. It’s an experiment. 🙂

All my spinning is on my little spindle that I got at Lambtown a year ago. I recently took a Spindle to Spinning Wheel class with Valerie Yep. I don’t think any spinner isn’t interested in having a wheel at some point. So yeah, I’d like a wheel. I had this expectation that wheel spinning would feel so comfortable and amazing compared to spindle spinning. It kinda felt award and challenging, but why wouldn’t it be the first time you try it? I do think it will prove more comfortable than spindle spinning once I get more hours of experience. I just need to get a wheel for that. Maybe after I get married. 😉