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Loosing Myself In Fiber

20160323_105944-1.jpgI owe the fact that I’ve posted at all recently to my being on spring break. I am always trying to build the skill of chipping away at things, but it’s not my MO. I now have entire days open to me and I’m drowning in fiber pursuits. I FEEL like I’m drowning. I’ve been looking forward to doing so many things for a while now. Here I am on Wednesday morning, and I’ve done some things, but I haven’t completed anything. I have no hierarchy. Like a computer that can’t figure out parallel processing – all the programs are at a standstill.

I keep coming back to this battle between social media and my productivity. It doesn’t take much energy to consume social media, but it steals all my time to do things. Yet, the reason I feel anxious about not doing things is because I’m not posting on this blog, and contributing to the social media cycle. It’s holding me back and driving me forward at the same time.

Stop. Reset.

Less is more.