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OMG the colors!

So I was casually browsing through Hot Right Now on Ravelry when I saw the thumbnail for Epiphany. Jaw dropped. I LOVE that black line over the cream to fuchsia ombre. Not that I love fuchsia, but man that’s a nicely done color combo.

Hot right now is a pattern filter option on Ravelry, so you can sort any search you do by how popular the results are. There’s a link to “browse patterns in this order” from the patterns homepage, and it’s one of the first things my mom showed me about Ravelry. Bristol Ivy used to spend some time taking data on what showed up as “hot right now,” which is fascinating to think about. She talks about it on this Knit.FM episode (knitting trends). She’s not keeping up with the stockinette market anymore, but I’m fine with that because it’s time well spent on her designing patterns. I bet one could code a version of the stockinette market…

Hot right now isn’t the only way to find interesting patterns on Ravelry. I happen to have a few good friends up my sleeve and I like to check out their new favorites in my friend activity tab. By good friends I mean people with my taste in fashion. (I can even organize my friends to make viewing particular friend activity easy.) Another option is to check out recently added patterns. One of those good friends implements that technique, and she’ll find some unique stuff that isn’t necessarily hitting hot right now. I get to ride on her coat tails.

Do you have a favorite way to find patterns, on Ravelry or elsewhere? I bet we’d all like to find new and improved ways to ogle pretty knitting. 😉 Thanks for sharing!